Tuesday, June 28, 2011

:the saltwater room:

So there really isn't much to say about these pictures... we were all on sugar highs... and all bored... and we had a camera... and the flowers were so pretty... and we had fun being ridiculous. I actually have more pictures, but I'm at a friend's place right now and I need to get... have a great Tuesday though!! I am so far... it's raining like crazy, but I'm lovin' it. Haha.. ok I really am ending this now. =)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

::strawberry avalanche::

I pretty much have the prettiest sisters ever....
Just sayin. ;)

{photo credit: James & Sam}

Sunday, June 12, 2011

To my plaid clad bro...

So today my brother Sam is turning 19. First thing this morning he comes to me and goes 'Hannah, you better do a nice blog post about me'. Of course I was already planning on doing so, but anyhow... lol So here goes... Dear Sam,
Happy birthday!!! You're 19, boy!! Craziness right? It seems like just yesterday you were 18! (yes that is one of the oldest, cheesiest things to say... but it fit!)
You and I have definitely had our share of fights and disagreements over the years, but who hasn't? But hey, you wear plaid better than anyone else I know, and you totally rock those flat billed hats, and you're an amazing piano player AND song writer, and you have a cool car that you let me drive :P....
... and you give terrible advice, and you get really mean when you're tired, and you take great pictures, and it's really annoying when you spike the volleyball on me...
... and you text waaaay too much, and you're the biggest junk food eater I have ever met, and you love cartoons, and you can jump like a black guy... and over all you're just cool. Happy birthday, bro!!!!

Love your kind of amazing little sis, Hans

Friday, June 3, 2011

what happens when it's late and I feel like blogging...

... So yeah, I really felt like doing a post, but don't really have anything too exciting to say. So I'm just gonna show you a song that I love... and then ramble on about nothing until I don't have anything left to say about nothing... This is like one of my very favorite songs. Ever. Yeah, I really do love it. Most versions of it though are... lame? Yep, pretty much. This girl sings it like perfectly though... best cover of it I've ever heard.

Now for the rambling... I'm kicking off my weekend by staying up late tonight and sleeping in tomorrow... lazy? Absolutely. And then after that... I might go to town. And maybe, just maybe, go skydiving. Anyone want to come?? Ok I was kidding about that... that will have to wait until another day and time. Moving on... for those of you who didn't know, it is now Summer break... which I am very happy about. :) And guess what? ... when school starts back up... I will officially be... a senior!!!!! In high-school, not citizen.. :P Anyhow, I've pretty much been waiting my entire life to be able to say that... and I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty exciting! Besides that... I'm an amazing tennis player. (in my dreams at least...) I love I-phones, music is great company when you're by yourself, and cake is overrated... Ok, well I guess that's all I have to say at the moment... later my friends!! :)