Thursday, January 19, 2012

a post about nothing... ness.

Uhmm, yes... I am completely serious. This post really is about nothing... just random stuff that makes me smile. =)                                      
 UP. Best love story EVER. 
 And these... these would just be awesome. Ya know, instead of 'I stubbed my toe' or 'I fell off my bike.' Agreed? 
 It's super adorable. 
 I don't know why, but I can't help but laugh when I see this picture. That face is CLASSIC! 
 Just sweet. 

 Ha! I knew it... 
 Love this. 
 Greece. I could definitely go for that... 
 The way it should be... 
 This picture, to me, is just amAzing. I mean, I've always loved blue eyes... but these are so beautiful! 
 Love this verse. 
 LOL right? 
 There's a fine line... 
 It doesn't even make sense, but I still love it. hehe. 
 So this place just looks awesome, doesn't it? 
 This picture is so precious. 
 Yeah... I think it's cute. =) 

 This Is The Stuff. 
 I question I find myself asking a lot... why are we constantly looking for something more? 
 Just because. =) 
 Haha, I've felt this way so many times!
 Kinda cool to think about... 
 There are no words for how sweet this is. 

 Aww. <3
 I could have used this today... lol 
I was enchanted to meet you... 
And this picture says so much... I love it. 

Anyways, cool stuff right? ;) 
My family and I are leaving Friday for a week long vacation in TN (excited!!), so I won't be on here for a while... but I'll hopefully have lot's of pictures when I get back... and a new blog design. This blog could DEFINITELY use a makeover. But I finally got a picture for the header... soooo now I just have to do it. =) Ohhh, speaking of which (pictures)... I GOT MY NEW CAMERA!! It's a Canon Rebel T3i. There are no words for how excited I am!! It was actually kind of a miracle how I got it... but I think it will suffice to say that God is good!! Even and especially when we don't deserve it... never lucky, forever blessed, right? =) 

God bless you all... goodnight!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Jon... (I love writing that!...)

Happy 6th Birthday, little guy!! Can't believe the baby of our family is 6 already... but boy is he loved! He's one of those -first-to-bring-you-a-band-aid-if-you're-hurt-and-always-rooting-for-the-underdog- sorta guys. This morning was definitely one of those 'sweet' moments... first thing, he came into my room and climbed into bed with me to tell me about his plans for the day. Which of course included playing with his friends and opening his presents. One of which he was especially excited about, that he picked out for himself... a Buzz Lightyear nightlight. It was so cute!

Hope you had a great birthday, buddy! Even though you probably won't read this for years. ;) 

Love, Hans

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello January...

Currently Counting Down To:
 Our trip to TN this month!...
Currently Hysterical Over: I don't really get hysterical, but my sisters have their friends over for a sleepover... and just listening to 4 little girls talk is SO funny. 
Currently Broadening: My photography horizons... (same as last month :P)
Currently Concluding: That I need to love some people who have shown anything but love to me. 
Currently Reading: Not A Fan. (definitely recommend this book... it's been so good!)
Currently Thinking: That it's pretty cool to tell people 'I'm a senior' lol 
Currently Watching: Not to be obvious or anything... but the computer screen. 
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: The camera that I will hopefully be buying next week!
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Etretat, France. 
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: Hmm.. idk.
Currently Wanting To Learn: To be all that God would have me to be.
Currently Listening To: My sisters and friends sing Amazing Grace w/, uhmm... their own unique twist... they actually sound really good!
Currently Addicted To: Pinterest. sigh
Currently Sad Because: There are no words...
Currently My Motto: Forgive, even if they're not sorry. (I think this is gonna be my year's motto... maybe.) 
Currently Dreaming Of: A perfect world, where I could sleep in in the morning and STILL go to church. lol
Currently Needing To Update: My family's blog. =/ yes, again.
Currently Yearning For: ....
Currently Want To See In My Closet: A new pair of heels... maybe RED!
Currently Shopping: I'm not.
Currently Discovered: It's between you and God. No matter what. 
Currently Redecorating: Our game/tv room... soon. 
Currently Wishing: That I had a fireplace w/ a big comfy chair in front of it...
Currently Not Wanting To: Clean my room?
Currently Deciding: What to wear to church in the morning. =) 
Currently Thankful For: A super huge, unexpected and amazing blessing that I got last week. 

Woooooooow. Cannot BELIEVE that it's 2012! TWO. THOUSAND. AND. TWELVE!! In case I haven't already mentioned this... I graduate this year!! Nope, I'm definitely not excited. :P

Night all!