Monday, September 26, 2011

Mind on a permanent vacation...

The ocean is my only medication. Wishing my condition ain't never gonna go away...

Cause I'm knee deep in the water somewhere, got the blue sky breeze blowin' wind through my hair... only worry in the world is the tide gonna' reach my chair.

I think I may have found me my own kinda paradise... =)


Saturday, September 17, 2011


So my day was spent helping move engines, brakes, transmissions... and any and every other vehicle part you can think of.

It was definitely an experience.

One I kind of enjoyed...

This was 5 minutes into it...
Me & my bro... and no, this was NOT staged!! :-P
(tho yeah, a 500lb engine... how much help do you REALLY think I was?! lol)
Soooo this was the first trailer full...
And this is basically what I've looked like all day. But trust me... it did get worse.

Yep, there's my great Saturday in a nutshell! :)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sometimes I surprise myself...

Like today for instance. I got this crazy craving for apple pie... the catch? Um, I don't like apple pie. But I made one anyway... from scratch!! Well, with a recipe, but yeah... I think it's the same thing. Anyhow... turned out really good.
The End



Friday, September 9, 2011

Spending the afternoon...

... with this handsome fella.

Who has the most amazing blue eyes, and can carry on great conversations... even if they are one sided. ;)
And he's going to be a preacher one day... I'm sure of it.
Because Preacher Tucker just goes. ;)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

And He Shall Be Called Fluffy Bunny

Because he is a bunny... and fluffy.
My little siblings found this little guy yesterday while I was gone... and they called me, franticly telling me that they have to have milk and a dropper for it or 'it's going to die!!!!!!!!'. So now they've been feeding it around the clock, and holding it the rest of the time. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it's current 'home' is in my bedroom? Um, yep! Life with little siblings is definitely never boring...... :)


Monday, September 5, 2011

This Kiss

Pretty original post title huh? Yeah... it was a wedding, so hey. ;)

Yep, Matt & Frances are finally married.... most of you reading this probably don't know who Matt and Frances are, but that's okay. You can just pretend like you do. And you girls can go 'aww' over the pictures, and you guys can just roll your eyes at us girls... lol
The wedding was so gorgeous!! The colors weren't something that I ever thought would look that great, but somehow they pulled it off really, really well and it was amazing...
They were brown, bright purple, lime green, and a bright turquoise kinda blue...
And I wore purple... yes, yes, times are changing. I also wore heels that REALLY hurt, so halfway through I changed into flip flops. True Floridian here...
Pink just wasn't happening... but my sister & JoHannah wore it beautifully! :)
I love this picture... ^^
My beautiful little sisters
*Sigh...* I'm a girl... and I sorta love pictures like this. Haha
And this...
And this one too... yes I'm a little bit pathetic.
And it's too bad I don't like cake... because this one was really pretty!! Ohhhh well....
The wedding party... small, but super pretty anyhow.

Soooo that's all the pictures I have. I love weddings and I pretty much think we should have more of them...

Okay, well goodnight, everyone... until next time.

God bless...


Catching up on life...

So I know it's been a while since I've posted... sorry!! My life has just been so insanely busy these past few weeks... and when things did slow down? Well, I just really didn't feel like posting anything. Ya know sometimes how you can have SO much on your mind, and SO much to say... yet when it comes right down to it, no words seem fitting? Yeah. : ) Or am I the only person who ever feels like that? Either way... here's to finally doing a post! Right? Um yeah... I think I'll stop now because I'm rambling...

Soooo on to the pictures... last week my family and I spent a few days at a campground/resort place. We had a great time and took waaay too many pictures... but here's just a few. : )
Jon just looks so sweet in this picture... lol
My parents. : )
Dad & Beth
Sam & Abby being... well, Sam & Abby.
Um... I liked this picture. ; )
Jon & I literally would have spent the entire 3 days on these swings if we had been allowed...
"I love you?"
Us... : )


Not to brag or anything...

But uh... I met Mickey Mouse. (and Minnie) And even got a hug... it was definitely one of those unforgettable moment in my life...