Monday, September 5, 2011

Catching up on life...

So I know it's been a while since I've posted... sorry!! My life has just been so insanely busy these past few weeks... and when things did slow down? Well, I just really didn't feel like posting anything. Ya know sometimes how you can have SO much on your mind, and SO much to say... yet when it comes right down to it, no words seem fitting? Yeah. : ) Or am I the only person who ever feels like that? Either way... here's to finally doing a post! Right? Um yeah... I think I'll stop now because I'm rambling...

Soooo on to the pictures... last week my family and I spent a few days at a campground/resort place. We had a great time and took waaay too many pictures... but here's just a few. : )
Jon just looks so sweet in this picture... lol
My parents. : )
Dad & Beth
Sam & Abby being... well, Sam & Abby.
Um... I liked this picture. ; )
Jon & I literally would have spent the entire 3 days on these swings if we had been allowed...
"I love you?"
Us... : )


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  1. Wish I could have gone. :( Looks like you had fun!!! And I feel that way some times. Lol


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