Sunday, June 12, 2011

To my plaid clad bro...

So today my brother Sam is turning 19. First thing this morning he comes to me and goes 'Hannah, you better do a nice blog post about me'. Of course I was already planning on doing so, but anyhow... lol So here goes... Dear Sam,
Happy birthday!!! You're 19, boy!! Craziness right? It seems like just yesterday you were 18! (yes that is one of the oldest, cheesiest things to say... but it fit!)
You and I have definitely had our share of fights and disagreements over the years, but who hasn't? But hey, you wear plaid better than anyone else I know, and you totally rock those flat billed hats, and you're an amazing piano player AND song writer, and you have a cool car that you let me drive :P....
... and you give terrible advice, and you get really mean when you're tired, and you take great pictures, and it's really annoying when you spike the volleyball on me...
... and you text waaaay too much, and you're the biggest junk food eater I have ever met, and you love cartoons, and you can jump like a black guy... and over all you're just cool. Happy birthday, bro!!!!

Love your kind of amazing little sis, Hans


  1. sweet, rude and sisterly! LOVE IT! This is totally something I would say about one of my brothers! Happy Birthday, Sam!

  2. Thanks Hannah! You actually made me sound kind of nice lol.;) @ Thanks Mary!...:)


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