Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why yes, yes I am...

Hey, y'all! (fitting in YET??!) 

I'm still alive... promise! 
I know I've been really bad about posting, sorry! 

Life has been soo super crazy & busy lately!! So yeah, posting hasn't exactly been at forefront of my mind:) 

Really gonna try & get back to it soon. 
I miss you guys!! 
But until then... some random pictures that I like because, well, yeah just because. 
And also... watch this
"I would do anything for you, sir. Anything that was right."

So it's kind of a favorite movie quote of mine. Weird thing? Never seen the movie. 
But still love that part. Haha:) Such a girl, I know. 

Definitely my next attempt. Haha and yes, I really would do my nails like this. They're awesome in a really crazy way!! If I succeed I'll post a pic for you all. ;) 

Happy Tuesday! 


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