Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Just Goes

3 things that ALWAYS go together: bare feet, popsicles.... and Summer.
I don't like popsicles, but nonetheless, they're an essential part of the Summer... especially when you have lot's of little siblings w/ their friends over. This picture pretty much takes the cake for... Cutest. Picture. Of. The. Year. It's just so cute and little boyish, and bright, and summery... and it's one of those pictures that you don't need a caption for. One look and you know exactly what was going on in their heads. I love pictures like that... so yeah, I love this picture. :)
And just because.......... me with all the little people. This was a VERY impromptu picture, which is kinda obvious since I'm on the phone AND looking like a dork. I still liked it though.

Ok well I'm about to leave for church so I need to go get ready... I hope you're all having an amazing Summer!!! Blessings, people...


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  1. Its a very cute picture... and I think the last one is really funny. ;)


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