Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December...

I saw this on a friend's blog, and thought it was a cool idea for the beginning of each month. So here's to starting the first day of the last month... of the year. (that just does. not. flow.) ugh. Anyway, 'currently' hoping you don't get too bored with this... :P

Currently Counting Down To: Christmas of course. ;) 
Currently Hysterical Over: Not hysterical, but our cat, Stuart. He thinks he's human. haha
Currently Broadening: My photography horizons... lol
Currently Concluding: That it would be really cool to speak French. 
Currently Reading: Keep A Quiet Heart
Currently Thinking: That a year went by really fast. 
Currently Watching: My sisters wrap Christmas presents. =)
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: the Canon Rebel T3i. Excited much!!! =) 
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Venice, Italy. 
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: Hot glazed donuts! (w/ chocolate milk ;)
Currently Wanting To Learn: To ski.
Currently Listening To: Carson talk.
Currently Addicted To: Pinterest. sigh
Currently Sad Because: I can't upload any pictures.
Currently My Motto: Forgive, even if they're not sorry. 
Currently Dreaming Of: A white Christmas. (that's all it will ever be... a dream. ) lol 
Currently Needing To Update: My family's blog. =/
Currently Yearning For:
Peace on earth. 
Currently Want To See In My Closet: New boots. =) 
Currently Shopping: I'm not?
Currently Discovered: A situation can either make you better or bitter. It's your choice. 
Currently Redecorating: Nothing.
Currently Wishing: That I knew how to make homemade cinnamon rolls! Yes.
Currently Not Wanting To: Ummm...
Currently Deciding: What to make for dinner... 
Currently Thankful For: Grace. Amazing grace... =)

Weeell, that's all I have for now... I'll hopefully be doing some 'real' posts Saturday. 
Happy Thursday! 



  1. Hey, I like that idea! Fun post...=)


  2. "Better or bitter". Hmm. That' something to think about.

    Sounds warm and exciting over at your house. :)

    God Bless You and your family, etc. :)

  3. @Anna, hey, I forgot to comment back! Sorry! Thank you though, and same to your and yours... =)


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