Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Saturday...

... and I just got home from lunch with my family, where I had a HUGE mug of hot french vanilla coffee, then our waiter brought me an iced french vanilla coffee after I finished that one. Oh. My. Word. Never had that much coffee in one day... it was ridiculous. I'm waiting for all that caffeine to kick in. It's gonna be scary. (be glad you're not here) >.< Anyways, that was completely irrevelant and NOT the point of this post... the point was, I'm sitting here watching a cheesy Valentines movie on Hallmark and Pinteresting- of course. And these things... just make me smile because they're so lame. =) But I kinda find lame stuff really funny. Like for real, I don't even laugh at intelligent jokes. Kiiiiiinda strange.... lol 
For sure. 

Uhmm... I did? That's rhetorical... I really did. 


 I won't lie, this one ^^ is my favorite. Sooo true. 

 It's scary, I actually have friends that would so do this. lol 

And my little brother would totally do this. =) 

Have a greeeaatt weekend!!



  1. LOL, loved it! Keep posting this kind of stuff :-)

  2. Haha! I love the music one, SO true!


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