Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Fluff...

Here's the thing... your birthday was Saturday. And today is Tuesday. I am completely aware of that. And that I forgot to do a post for you. But truth is, we've been having some crazy fun times, and I figure it's more important to psychically be there with you than post about how cool you are and how much fun we have. Right? (right) Anyways, that being said... HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! You have now had about 4 whole days to soak in that number. Pretty cool, huh? Yep. I remember when I was your age... like way back when. Definitely a memorable year of my life. And I know it will be for you too. Keep calm, always smile, and never stop loving Jesus. (: 

Love your pretty cool older sister... Hans. 


  1. I like!...Hope you enjoyed your party, Sarrah! =)

  2. Just wondering...did you intend to say you wanted to be there psychically for your sister or was that a typo? =D


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