Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello March...

Currently Counting Down To: My sister's birthday, Saturday. 
Currently Hysterical Over: The prayers of my little siblings. Though I wouldn't say hysterical... it's just really cute!  
Currently Broadening: My... musical skills? Haha, I just started violin lessons. 
Currently Concluding: That I still need to get my sis a birthday present!
Currently Reading: (About to start) Kisses From Katie.
Currently Thinking: That I need a haircut...  :P
Currently Watching: Roman Holiday. 
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: Another lens for my camera.  
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: I have plenty in them. =)
Currently Wanting To Travel To: The beach. (: 

Currently Wanting: To go take some pictures...
Currently Listening To: The movie... ?
Currently Addicted To: Mcdonald's mocha frappes. Have you had them? They are amAzing! 
Currently Sad Because: I'm not.
Currently My Motto: Keep calm... the Lord will fight for you. 
Currently Dreaming Of: Hmmm.... 
Currently Needing To Update: My shower curtain... (sorry, but it's all that's coming to mind!) 
Currently Yearning For: 
Kinda hard to put into words... 

Currently Want To See In My Closet: Um... clothes. 
Currently Shopping: I'm not?
Currently Discovered: That I like chocolate 'health bars'. A friend got me hooked.. ;) 
Currently Redecorating: EVERYTHING! Since I last posted on here, we've redone my bedroom, our living room, kitchen, AND dining room. It all looks really good! 
Currently Not Wanting To: Finish the 6 loads of laundry left to fold... but, 6 down already! Can you tell we were behind in laundry? ;) 
Currently Deciding: What to make for Saturday's party... 

Currently Thankful For: The sermon audio app on my phone. (:  

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