Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday Fun

Ok, I haven't felt like blogging lately so I missed my random Friday thing... yeah.... ugh.. anyway, catching up....

  1. Can Geico save you 15% percent or more on auto insurance? ... was Abe Lincoln really honest?
  2. I hate Mondays :/
  3. Can't wait until April 1st..
  4. Never do the hokie-pokie at someones funeral..
  5. I think being tall is awesome, and have always wished I was 6'... prolly won't happen, but a girl can dream.. lol
  6. Have you ever wondered if there were monkeys on the moon? Something to ponder....
  7. Mr Darcy is the perfect gentleman.. haha

Alrighty, well that's all I got... I'm tired, and my mind is.. not here. Later, my people.. later..


  1. lol. I hate being tall..... :P :P :P
    Mr. Darcy is the best! He loves her!!! ARDENTLY!!! That is the best word EVER! I love him! *gushy moment*

  2. How tall are you??? And yes, he ardently loves her and makes her incandescently happy. Haha, two big words in one sentence... Ding ding ding!!! lol


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