Sunday, March 13, 2011

great minds run in great circles

To my dear and faithful blog readers:

HI!! So right now I'm really happy, and feel like blogging, so that's what I'm doing... Actually there are other things I'd rather be doing, but can't. So this will do. I don't really have anything imparticular to say... so I guess I'll just tell you about my day, and the whatever else comes to me.... So my day started off totally mixed up with this whole time change and everything... I got up and looked at my clock that said it was 8:30, which meant it was really 9:30 and we had to leave for church in an hour. Right.. so I go and wake everyone up to start getting ready, and half of my family ends up being sick. No, not from me, they were already sick.. haha. Anywho, no one was getting up, so I went back to bed. Well my mom comes in an hour later and asks if I'm going to church or not.. I look at my clock and was like 'mom, it's already started'.. she proceeds to tell me that, no it hadn't, the clock changed automatically. I still wasn't convinced so I went and looked and everyone else's clocks and they all said the same thing; mine was right. To make a long, boring story short... we all ended up staying home. Most my little siblings are still sick and we had some other things going on, so it's prolly better that we did anyway. But yeah, this time change thing really gets me confused!! And I lose a WHOLE hour of sleep. Not that I really care... haha

Well besides that.. we were cleaning up some stuff in our yard and my dad lifted a board and this huge, ugly snake was under it. He just nonchalantly picks it up, while I'm in the background (and by 'background' I mean at least 6ft away) screaming. (I cannot handle snakes. At all. *shivers*)... oh, and I've been listening to Owl City all day. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Owl City? Adam Young is pretty much amazing. Anyone that can write such cool songs, play the piano, AND has an awesome voice, to me, is amazing. Now Mark is over and we're having a crazy discussion on everything from Napoleon Dynamite and relationships to artists and church, while chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven... You can almost ALWAYS count on there being chocolate chip cookies baking if you ever come to my house. It's just kind of a part of who we are.. lol AND we just finished playing Don't Wake Daddy.. I think the name pretty much says it all. It's a game for 7 year olds. =D Ok, well I guess that's about as random as you can get, and as random as I'm gonna get. For now... hehe.. hope you all are having an amazing Lord's day!!


  1. Sounds like you've had an interesting day....;)
    Btw, who was baking the cookies???

  2. For sure!! And me and Abby made them... and as a matter of fact, they were awesome! ;)

  3. Hey, I have no doubt that they were good...especially since you made them!!! ;)

  4. With no inspiration too!! Won't have that til July.. :( hehe


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