Friday, May 13, 2011

Truth is...

I love pink roses... and I'm really glad tomorrow is Saturday. And I had pizza for dinner. And I just got back from an amazing long jog. And things happen for a reason. And I just found out the Starbucks has their own brand of coffee ice cream. And I don't care because I'd rather drink coffee than eat ice cream. And I named a friends car today. And I love arm wrestling. And some people find that weird. And I was just dubbed 'queen of Robin Hood' (???) by my little brother. And grammatically correct sentences should never begin with the word 'and'. ;) And I think red and gray and black go amazingly well together. And there's no perfect way to word something you want to be perfect. And I chilled with four little boys for a long time today. And we wrestled. And had fun. And my bro is playing the piano as I write this. And Taylor Swift can't sing. And a bunch of people doing something totally unexpected and random is fun. And I love awkward moments. And I'm so glad we don't live in the 1800's. And it ticks me off when people do stupid things for stupid reasons. And Phillipians is currently my favorite book of the Bible. And I have so much on my mind right now. And I wish people wouldn't make big deals out of nothing. And.. and... I'm going to end this. And I hope you all have an amazing weekend. And an amazing night... and sweet dreams.... :)


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God bless...