Thursday, August 9, 2012

because it's Thursday...

... and we like to take awkward phone pictures. the kind that I post on my blog and cut my little sister's head out of. ... yeah. they're the best. 

And I've been told that we all 'look identical!'. But I'm not really seeing it... maybe that's because I'm around them all the time? I mean, we sort of do........ but not really. but kind of. 

btw, really glad today is Thursday... because that means tomorrow is Friday. (see, I know my stuff) And Friday's... are just good days. But really... every day is a good day. It's what you make it, right? That's where you go, 'right, Hans! You're so encouraging.' Yeah no... you don't have to do that. Buuuuut... do you mind if I go super clicheable on you here? Today is a gift... that's why they call it the present. ;) So, without even trying to, I just gave myself a pep talk... which was pretty cool. And that being said.... I love Thursdays!!!!


  1. You all do have quite a bit of similarity! Ya'll are absolutely gorgeous! How can your dad keep all the guys away?

  2. Think so? I guess we sort of do... but aww, thank you! Haha.... I do not know. The shotgun was an epic fail. Lol


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