Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not seein' it...

So everywhere we go people are always telling my sisters and I how much we look alike... but I don't think we do. At all. Unless I'm just around them so much I don't notice... maybe that's it. :) I was just going through pictures the other day and saw this one and was like 'not at all...' lol So I just thought I'd share that extremely random thought with you all... hope you're having a great week!!!! ~Hans


  1. Your so pretty, Hannah! So are your sisters! Love littlest sisters eyes! Yes, ya'll do look quite a bit alike, your hair, eyes and face shape...gorgeous sisters<3

  2. Yep, ya'll do look a lot alike. I get told that a lot too...people are always asking if Es and I are twins. I didn't think we looked that much alike, but I guess we do!!

  3. Aaaw thanks, Mary!! I can't take any credit though. :) Liz, you can definitely tell your sisters, but I've never thought enough so to be twins. I guess with being about the same size though and all people think that. :) The sibling that REALLY looks like you is John. It's weird... lol

  4. I don't think you look that much alike but you can tell that you are sisters. :)


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