Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture challenge - day 2

Day 2- a picture of you and someone you're close to. Yeah, there was NO way I could just do one person. I have a lot of friends AND siblings and I'm close to all of them. Eri. Awesome girl that she is. She's quiet and doesn't say much, but I'm loud and say a lot so it works out fine. I think I've made her speechless quite a few times over the years with my say-it-how-it-is personality, but she just laughs and goes 'wow, Hannah'. lol And her sis Leah.. she's awesome too. Quiet, but has an amazing sense of humor. I didn't have a pic with her though.
My sisters. Even though they're all younger than me, I'm close to all of them.. they drive me absolutely crazy sometimes, but I know I do them too so it's fine. I love them anyway.
Es & Liz.. my Rhi-WI friends. They're some cool ladies. One can whip up the best batch of cookies in 5 minutes, and the other is a killer at ping-pong. It's actually freaky how much Es is like me.. we're so alike on some things that we can finish each others sentences. It's awesome! And Liz.. she's hopelessly stubborn and sarcastic. I think that's why I've always gotten along so well with her. :) Don't get to see them as often as I'd like since they live a gazillion miles away, but oh well.. love you people!
And Ru!!! Another awesome person. She's probably my most patient friend. We've stayed up til past 2am many nights talking.. she'll listen to me ramble on about my life, and then sweetly tell me what she thinks. Never judgmental or condemning... just understanding. I love her!


  1. Love these pictures. Aren't friends awesome? By the way...You are sooo gorgeous Hannah! Lets trade eyes, okay?:)

  2. They absolutely are. :) And thanks.. but hardly. You're gorgeous yourself, girl!!

  3. I never thought that two stubborn people could get along so well...even if we are always 'debating'!! ;) lol

  4. Thank you Hannah. I love our talks.... and thanks for listening to me as well.

  5. Yeah, Liz, who woulda guessed? ;) And no prob, Ru.. anytime. :)


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