Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Officially Fall =)

Friday & Saturday my family and some friends all went to a big fall festival.
I wasn't sure if it would be any fun, but I was game anyway... but we ended up having a great time!!! There was this huge corn maze, and the first time we went through it, it was in the dark. Fun? Um, yes!! Before you go in they give you a riddle to solve: it's a sweet sound to the lost who need to be found. So throughout the maze there are 12 stations, each one with a lettered stamp that you put on your paper, then at the end you unscramble the letters to solve the riddle. We pretty much guessed the answer right off... Amazing Grace. =) Which I thought was just cool! We got to talking to these people and turns out... this whole thing is on part of their 400 acres, and 3 generations live on it. The whole family... the grandparents, their children, and then all the grandchildren. And they were Christians. Anyhow, yeah it was cool. Haha, moving on...
My siblings & I... all but one.
Group shot.. with a few missing.
Mr Jon... looking adorable as ever!
So this ride? I went on it 3 times. And dragged all the other older kids on it with me! It was fun. =)
Us girls.My 3 sisters.

Nathanael on the tire swing... which I epically failed at trying to swing on.
This old truck was just dying to have it's picture taken... with us. lol

Dad & Mom

Aaaand me. =) Yep, I think we kicked October off pretty decently! What do you think?



  1. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Random question: how tall is your brother, in the first shot? He looks tall. :-O

  2. I think he's like 5'11ish. =) My oldest brother is 6'4. I've never really thought of them as tall though... I guess because I'm so used to it!! lol


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