Friday, October 14, 2011

Not that I'm Einstein or anything...

Buuuuuut I do know enough to easily figure out that I'll be 20 and 2 months when these things come off. 
Kinda hard to imagine right now, but that's life! Even if it is sorta painful at the moment. ;) Everyone has been telling me that I "really do look my age now". Which is fine by me. I mean, I thought I did before... but uh, yeah. lol 

Anyways, that's the newest thing goin' on in my world. Life is good, God is great!!



  1. Cute pictures! :) You are so pretty! :D
    Sorry I have not stopped by in a while :P I have not been posting very often either...
    *self wrist slap*

  2. @Elisa, Thanks! I totally understand... I go through moods. Sometimes I post really often... most times not!! lol

    @Joel, Yes!! That. :-P


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