Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saving The World... Together.

Me.... and Captain America. Would that make me Mrs Captain America? Yes. (officially unofficially of course) Because he's just THAT awesome.

This movie came out today... and I just had to get a picture with the hero. I would write a review on it, but Polka Dot did an amazing job of that here, and there's pretty much nothin' I could say about it that she didn't. So go check it out. =) 

And one of my favorite quotes from the movie:

Captain A: "Why me?"
Dr. Erskine: "Because a weak man knows the value of strength. Knows the value of power. Whatever happens... stay who you are. Not just a soldier, but a good man."

Yes, he is a good man. Strong yet gentle, confidant yet vulnerable, independent yet not afraid to ask for help, and a gentleman. 

I really did love this movie. And may, just may... be in love with Captain America. lol

Have a great week!


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