Saturday, April 14, 2012

From the bro....

Happy Birthday to Hannah! First off I would like to say that I'm starting to feel very old. It seems like just yesterday you were 17. :p Lame I know.. For those of you that don't know, Hannah happens to be a very big troublemaker , and I wouldn't put it past her to be the one who started all the riots in south Uganda last year. Jk. There's no proof she actually did that.. Again jk. lol.. Alright. Here's some fun facts about Hannah.. 1 She loves McDonald's coffee. 2 She's the most like my dad out of all the children. 3 She talks in an Australian accent when no ones listening. 4 She loves  Children (when they're well behaved and listen to her) 5 She keeps her little sibling in line. 6 She's a great house cleaner. 7 She seems to be prone to awkward moments, especially in stores. 8 She has the most wonderful, kind. loving, considerate, brother a sister could ask for! The end... 

This ^^ is what my bro wrote for my birthday over on his blog, More Than Life. It made me laugh... and probably will you too. (: Thanks, Sam... :P 


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah Hope you have a grand Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday! *in an Australian accent* :D <3 :D

  3. This is hilarious! Have fun at your birthday party!=)

  4. Happy (late) Birthday girl! :D (Only jut now realized that I pin thousands of things from you on pinterest..haha..I'm smart..) Anyways, hope you had an awesome day! APRIL BIRTHDAYS FOR THE WIN! hehe ^-^ See ya around pinterest! ;) :) <3 ::hugs::


  5. Thanks, everyone! And wow, Elisa, that's pretty bad, girl... ;) You're like my best Pinterest friend!! Lol

  6. Happy Birthday - May God give you HIS wonderful gifts this year (and the rest of your life.)

    I love birthday posts - especially awesome ones like that. :)

    Happy 18th.

  7. Haha! I know! Its terrible! XD I know I'm smart and observant somewhere deep down inside inside..haha :P D'aww! You're my best Pinterest friend too! ;D


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