Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello April!!...

So for this month's 'currently'... I'm just gonna do my own ramble-on-about-whatever-comes-mind- thing. Life in a word. K?  

First off.... 

Today was a very good day! After almost 6 years of having close to dial up speed Internet (because we live out in the country).... TODAY we FINALLY got high speed!!!! I never thought this day would come. Happiness abounds. :)

 Anyways, besides that! About to order my graduation invitations... they're really pretty, but this is kinda feeling surreal. ish. And I have to make a speech... in. two. months. I won't lie, public speaking has never been my thing. So yeah, freaking out a little bit here... but the excitement definitely outweighs the nervousness. A little bit... ;)
 Oh, did I mention that April is pretty much the best month EVER? Because it is. Seriously.

If you need further proof... 

My birthday is in 9 DAYS!!!! I really wanted to go skydiving for it... but my parents weren't so keen on that. So still weighing my options. ;) And yes, i am serious. I had this audacious moment of bravery. Or maybe I'm just crazy? Or just plain stupid. hehe... 

 Wednesday morning I'm getting oral surgery... again. =/ 4 teeth out, one incision that involves pain and a chain. (not even trying to rhyme) Not exactly looking forward to it... but it is what it is. And prayers would be appreciated. (:

So thanks to Pinterest, I've seen a lot of new quotes that I really like... and you all know how I love quotes. (: So now... I am going to share some of them with you!! Yay! Haha...

 "I have learned that faith means trusting in advance... what will only make sense in reverse." 

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, and my kindness for weakness" 

(This ^ is so well said...) 

(btw, my sisters are gorgeous)

 "Being a female is a matter of birth... being a woman is a matter of age... but being a lady is a matter of choice." 

"The greatest thing a man can do for his girl is to lead her closer to God than himself"

"Girl: I love you.
Guy: I love you too.
Girl: Scream it to the world!
Guy: *whispers in ear* I love you...
Girl: Why'd you whisper it to me? 
Guy: Because you are my world."

Yes, aww. (: 

(love all of these little fellas sooo much!) 

"Missing you gets easier everyday, 'cause even though I'm one day farther than the last time I saw... I'm one day closer to the next time I will" 



  1. I totally want to go skydiving too. =) For some reason my parent's haven't been real keen on it's on my "To-do" list for sure and for certain tho! i'm pretty excited about the whole birthday this week thing too. =D

  2. Loved this happy you got high speed internet now! =)
    I'd love to see your invitations sometime! And the last two quotes are great (well, the rest are too!...;)

  3. SO happy that y'all have high speed internet now!!! Great pictures! You and Sarrah look really similar in the 1st picture of the four of y'all!


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