Sunday, April 29, 2012

... what happens w/ boys & a camera.

These are all pretty self explanatory... I really did not tell them to do any of this, they're just boys and this is what they do. Yeah, they can be wild... but they're pretty adorable. I did get some serious ones, but I won't lie, them being them is way  more entertaining. 

And here? Um, yeah, I don't even know. 

The beautiful Miss Sarrah... ^^

You would never guess they were siblings, huh? ;) 



  1. Cute pictures! LOVE the group one, they sure do look alike!

  2. I LOVE these...those guys are way too cute, and I love how they keep wanting to act like little gentlemen, well some times! ;) I love the group pictures too, especially the last one! Many Blessings...


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