Saturday, June 2, 2012

a man after my own heart-

So here's the thing... Dr Seuss may have been a little eccentric, but man, I really love all his stuff. Yes, I will probably never live this down now... but it's all good. He's cool. *was. He just had a really amazing, but simple, way of putting things. I like people like that. :) Imagine having a conversation with him... he's probably one of very few people that I could actually manage to keep up with. He spoke my language... "nonsense is good for you. It wakes up the brain cells!!" Lol Eh? It is so weird that I'm a born and raised Floridian... but I say 'eh'. (that rhymed) Ohhhhhhhh well! Okay, well I am off to go pick up a friend... and go do something. No, we don't plan in advance. :p Have a great weekend, all you people! 



  1. I like! The last two are new favs of mine! :) Have a great weekend...



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