Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Words- this is me diving.

"If we all started living more like Jesus, and less like Christians, we'd see this world change like never before."

 It was weird, I had literally just been discussing something along these lines with a friend, and then a little bit later... I saw this quote. and liked it. 

Basically we were sayin'... so many people give us Christians a bad name. All they ever tell you is the 'can' and 'cannot's' of Christianity. But um... where's the love? the grace. the forgiveness. I mean, seriously? Really, that's one of my biggest fears. Being a lukewarm Christian who has all the lingo down, and can quote you a Bible verse on any issue you're facing... but deep down be the biggest hypocrite alive. We've all had experience with that one person sometime in our life that we were just like 'wow, if that's what Christians are like than count me out.' Honestly, before I was saved I could have named about 5 of those. In my mind, I was a better person than they were because hey, at least I didn't claim the name of Christ and still act that way. I guess to me, if you're going to say you're a Christian (follower of Christ), then we need to try our hardest to really live that out. Something that kinda helps put that into perspective for me... is really, we may be the only Bible that some people will ever read. Think about that! We have incredible influence on those around us. Seriously, don't ever think that people aren't watching the way you act. I promise you, they are! Especially people that don't know the Lord. Because to them... there's something different about us. And it intrigues them, confuses them, and makes them mad all at the same time. Not saying we're gonna be perfect. You know as well as I do that we can all be jerks. If you're thinking 'not me', well, I don't believe it. :P So I guess my point in all this rambling, yes, there kind of is one... ;) Is that, as Christians, we have a tremendous. amazing, responsibility. Love Christ.... and make His love known to others. Be the kind of person that makes people stop and go 'hey, there really is something different about them. I want what they have'. Not the one where people go 'ha, and she calls herself a Christian? She's no different than me!'. And trust me, I realize that this is a lot easier said than done. For me, today was a perfect example of that. *i was a jerk. lol But no, seriously, I'm trying. I really am. Just do your best and ask God to help you. That's all we can do.

And there! are Hannah's thoughts for the night. :) Goodnight, blogger world.

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. -Tim. 4:12

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  1. Most excellent point...and one of my favorite verses! "We may be the only Bible..." so true, and what great responsibility lies on us...the great thing is that we CAN be a good witness *through Him*...and give Him all the glory! :)


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