Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To surrender a precious dream...

The Bright and Hopeful Unknown: To surrender a precious dream...:

So i had seen some others blogging about this guy... and checked out a link to his blog. I don't know any details or anything, but he drowned last month... he was only 19. This blog post was the last thing he wrote before he died... and honestly... it made me cry reading it. How many of us are really willing to surrender this area to God? Any area for that matter... but especially this one. It's kind of huge. I'll be straight with you... I have a hard time with it. I have surrendered it to Him... but then sometimes I get all hot headed and feel like I could totally do a better job than He could. Yeah, funny right? But for real... it's kind of a really humbling thing for me. So yeah... check it out. :)


  1. Sooo sad this guy died...

    I've had a hard time with this one too. Pastor Pappas actually talked about this in the graduation sermon, you'll have to listen to it. It's easy for me to say "God's will is best" but when I'm living life it can be hard. That's why I like what Mary says in Luke 1:38 "Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me according to *Thy* word..." No matter what happens, following God's will is what'll make us truly fufilled! :)
    Thanks for this post!

  2. Yes! These things are soooo much easier said than done...

  3. I just happened to stumble across your blog, and I wanted to thank you for sharing this. I'm Joshua's sister, Mariah.

    It is so hard to surrender our dreams to God - to surrender what we hold most dear. This past year, I've been struggling with surrendering Josh; truly giving him up to God. But God has been revealing Himself to me in so many ways - and each day, it's a little easier to trust.

    Keep surrendering yourself and your dreams to God. It's hard, but so worth it.

    God bless,

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