Saturday, July 28, 2012

they're married-

... and the wedding went great. My bro played amazingly! My playing... yeah well, I freaked out a little more than I had originally planned on. la la la. Anyways, so it was kinda cool... the whole bridal party was in boots. Which actually looked super cute! Just for the record, I hardly took any of these pictures... Adele was super sociable today. I think it was good for her. Okay, I'm done... you can look at the pictures now. :) 

This sign is soooo awful for a gift table, but I liked it anyway. lol

Blurry pic, but this guy is the bestest wedding piano player EVER. In case you were wondering. 

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  1. You did just dandy, girl! Much enjoyed all the pictures...and yes, your camera was being *very* social, but the results are great! They are such a cute couple and it's still wierd to think they're really married now! lol



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