Thursday, January 13, 2011

80 Random Things You Didn't Know About Me Until You Read This:

1. What Color Is Your Toothbrush?
purple & white

2. Name One Person That Made You Smile Today?
My lil sis

3. What Were You Doing At 8 AM This Morning?
Sleeping :)

4. What Were You Doing 45 Minutes Ago?
Playing around with my blogs :P

5. What Is Your Favorite Candy ?

6. Favorite Letter Of The Alphabet?
M or J

7. What Is The Last Thing You Said Aloud?
""Like what?" Talking to my sister.. lol

8. What Is The Best Ice Cream Flavor?
Chocolate. No bout adoubt it.

9. What Was The Last Thing You Had To Drink?
Chocolate milk.

10. What Is The Longest You Have Gone Without Sleeping?
Um, probably somewhere around 24 hours.

11.Have you ever made a promise you swore to keep?

12. Have You Bought Any New Clothing Items This Week?
Yep, got a new shirt today.

13. The Last Sporting Event You Watched?
A football game with my bro

14. What Is Your Favorite Flavor Of Popcorn?
Call me blonde, but I didn't know there were different flavors!! So I guess original??

15. Who Is The Last Person You Sent A Message To On FaceBook?
I don't have Facebook.

16. Ever Go Camping?
Nope. Want to though!

17. Take vitamins daily?
I'm supposed to, but I always forget!

18. Do You Go To Church Every Sunday?

19. Do You Have A Tan?
Um, that would be a NO. Sadly...

20. Do You Like Chinese Food Over Pizza?
I love both. Depends on what I'm feelin' like.

21. Do You Drink Your Soda With A Straw?

22. Who Are You Currently Talking To On AIM?
No one!

23. What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
Hopefully going to town with some friends

24. Where Is Your Dad?
Downstairs in his bedroom.

25. Look To Your Left, What Do You See?
My dresser

26. What Color Is Your Watch?
Silver and blue

27. What Do You Think Of When You Hear Australia?
Clinton Anderson!!

28. What Is Your Birthstone?
Diamond. April.

29. Do You Go In At A Fast Food Place Or Just Hit The Drive Thru?
If it's just me, drive-thru. If I'm with friends then we go in.

30. What Is Your Favorite Number?

31. Who's The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?
A friend up North

32. Any Plans Today?
Um, yeah... I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this!!

33. Health Freak?
Heck no!!

34. Biggest Annoyance In Your Life Right Now?
My toes are cold!!

35. Last Song Listened To?
"Mama's Song"

36. Can You Say The Alphabet Backwards?
Yeah, MAYBE the first 5 letters!! Beyond that? It would definitely take some work!

37. Do You Have A Maid Service Clean Your House?
Used to.

38. Favorite Pair Of Shoes/Boots You Wear All The Time?
My OP flip-flops... That I now have a huge blister from!!

39. Are You Jealous Of Anyone?
Not that I can think of!

40. Is Anyone Jealous Of You?

41. Do You Love Anyone?
Of course I do.

42. Do Any Of Your Friends Have Children?
Yep! They're not really close friends though... Does that still count??

43. What Do You Usually Do During The Day?
My school, help my lil sibs with their school, clean, read. That about sums it up.

44. Do You Hate Anyone That You Know Right Now?
Hate is a strong word. Strongly dislike maybe, but not hate. Actually I can't even think of anyone I strongly dislike at the moment, so that would be a no.

45. Do You Use The Word “Hello” Daily?
Sure do!!

46. Would You Rather Be Alone?
For the most part, yeah. I'm definitely a people person, but I work better alone. And if I'm tired or grouchy then people just get on my nerves.

47. Do You Like Cats?
No. Yet we have 5 of them.. lol

48. Have You Ever Been To Six Flags?

49.Where Did You Get Your Worst Scar From?
A friends motorcycle. Sat on it, rested my leg on the super hot muffler, and the rest is history.

50. Hair Color?

51. Last CD Played?
Toby Mac. Gotta love him!!

52. Last Bubble Bath?
It's been so long I don't even remember!

53. Last Time You Cried?
The day before yesterday.

54. Last Meal?
French toast sticks.

55. Text Or Call?

56. Favorite Animal?
If any, a horse.

57. Girlie Girl Or Tomboy?
A healthy mixture of both. ;)

58. Have You Ever Lost Someone?
Not by death, but yeah.

59. Have You Ever Slept Until 1 PM?
As a matter of fact... YES!!! Week before last.. Had the flue :(

60. Have You Ever Been Drunk And Threw Up?
Nope. Don't believe in it AND that would be illegal. :)

61. List Six People You Can Tell Pretty Much Anything To:
Sarrah, Abby, Esther T., Ruth, Char, Karen.

62. List Three Favorite Colors/Shades.
Black, turquoise, sage green

63. Have You Ever Laughed Until You Cried?
Uh yeah!!! Good memories!

64. Went Behind Your Parents Backs?
I have, yeah. Not proud of the fact though.

65. Who Posted This Before You?
Idk.. It's from another blog I read. :)

66. Gay Marriage?

67. Lowering The Drinking Age?

68. Where Do You Plan On Going For Your Honeymoon?
Bora-Bora. Or Paris.

69. Who is the best hugger that you know of?
Haha. We'll skip a name on this one..

70. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
Attraction, definitely. Love takes time though.

71. Is There Something You Want To Tell Someone?
Very badly, yeah. :(

72. Are You A Flirt?
I try not to be, but I've been told that I fail. :/

73. Are You Easy To Read?
Depends on who's doing the reading. If it's someone who knows me well, then yeah. If it someone who I'm not that close to, then no. I'm kinda emotionless. lol

74. How Many Kids Do You Want To Have?

75. Do You Want To Change Your Name?
Not really... I think I have a cool name!! First and last.

76. Last Time You Saw Your Father?
An hour ago.

77. What Time Did You Wake Up Today?
8:25 am

78. What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night?
Laying in bed thinking and praying.

79. What Is Your Favorite Thing In Your Room?
My bed. It's SO warm and cozy!!!!

80. Where Is Your Best Friend Right Now?
At her house I'm assuming!!

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  1. Hey, it was fun getting to hear some about you! I feel very special being on the 6 person list, but I would say the same thing about you!!! :)Some of the questions were kinda ridiculous but then there was alot of fun ones too! lol...


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