Friday, January 7, 2011


A random picture for a random post. Fitting I think. :P
So for some reason I felt like starting a new blog. It wasn't completely random like "hey I'm bored so I'm gonna' start another blog". But it's something that's been in the back of my mind for a while now. So...... I am now the proud author of 3 blogs. Yay me. lol But no, seriously, this is my blog. A place that I can just write whatever and be me. Sometimes it may be serious, sometimes it may dumb, sometimes it may be funny, sometimes it may be boring... But I can promise you this: It will ALWAYS be random, kinda like me. :) I don't really know what the exact purpose of this blog is, but I'll just let the spirit lead and see what happens. How's that for a first post?!? :P

Well we've got friends expected to be here in 5 minutes so I need to get!!

Later my friends, Hannah


  1. That was a very good first post it was just so very Hannah! JK LOl... Seriously it was a good first post and you know we all love you for who you are and I look forward to many more post.


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