Monday, May 28, 2012

if you ever need a laugh...

... go talk to my two little bros. Seriously. They are sooo funny.

So last night I'm out jogging, and these two are out on the path loading up a ton of half grown watermelons from the next field over into their little JD jeep. I go up and ask them what they're doing and Jon pipes up, 'we're trying to get all these up to the house before the farmers call the police on us.' And I'm like, 'why would they do that?'... Nate goes, 'Duh! Because we're stealing their melons?' Not really sure how that works since they've actually grown over into our field, but yeah. 

And they were so serious about it too! I asked them why they needed all those melons since you can't eat them, and they both very seriously tell me that they're going to carve our family out of them. And name them. So yes, we have about 30 little watermelons sitting on our front porch waiting to be made into... well, us apparently. We don't have quite that many people though, so um, if you'd like one made in honor of you as well... I'm sure they would be more than happy to help you out. ;) 


  1. Stealing your own watermelons, and then making art with them...Sounds like a plan. ;-)

  2. This is the Mom of those little stinkers and we had quite a talk about this watermelon stealing business! The farmers are actually growing peanuts in the fields beside us but some seeds from previous watermelon crops took root along the fence line.

  3. Ikr? It's really a genius plan when you think about it... :p lol

  4. Way too funny! Those guys are so stinkin' cute...:)

  5. These little boys are too funny! That so sounds like something Andrew would do.=)


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