Sunday, May 13, 2012


So let me start by saying this: I not only remembered that today was mother's day, but I also got my mom a card AND a present... 3 days in advance. Man, I am on the ball! Sometimes I shock myself. 
Anyways, if I sat here and thought about it, there's a whole lot of nice things I could say about my mom... 

but the one that stands out among all other is this:


Which, I assure you, has been no easy job.
And she's done a pretty darn good job, too. Trust me, she has an immeasurable amount of patience. Thanks, mom. :) 

There's no way to be a perfect mom... but a million ways to be a great one.
And that she definitely is.



 Sorry, I really am, but this is just hilarious on so many levels.

Oh, and I was given my very own white rose for mother's day this year. Not that I'm a mother or anything, but hey, what girl doesn't love roses? 


  1. Thank you Hannah! That was nice to remember me. You're not saying I'm the fat chicken and you're the little egg I hope! Love, Mom

  2. Haha, no ma'am, wasn't even thinking it. :p lol


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