Sunday, May 27, 2012

what's not to love?

Sooo we have the cutest little bunnies EVER right now! If you know me, you know I'm not a huge animal lover... but bunnies are just pretty cool. Wishing I could like stunt their growth right about now and make them stay this size... forever! Would that be weird? Yes, it totally would be. Never mind. Just keep growing little guys... 


  1. Aww! Theyre so cute!! I sometimes wish that we have bunnies...But then I remember that we are kinda in the city, have four rough little brothers and I don't wanna take care of them.....:P

  2. Agreed: they're adorable! LOVE the pictures...the one of you holding them is especially neat looking cuz all the bright colors in the background! :) Happy Monday...

  3. @Elisa, haha! They probably wouldn't last long. I'm really surprised ours have actually... :p @Char, thank you!! Happy Tuesday to you... ;)


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