Saturday, May 5, 2012

not summer... yet.

But you all know me... I plan ahead. Sometimes. Actually that reeeally depends. But yeah, for the time being... I am planning ahead, and this is my official 'kick off' Summer post! This is where you all go 'YAAAAY!!!' But yeah, no pressure, folks... no pressure. 

Jon totally posed for this... he goes, 'hey, here, Hans!' lol

Of course this one ^^ was totally followed to the T. ahem. 

There was absolutely noooo breeze today. Just lots of sun. Buuuuut, can't win em all.

My sisters are just so ridiculously photogenic. I love it!

So now when Summer does officially began, be expecting an Autumn post or something. Okay, I'm kidding. Kind of.



  1. WHAT? That weather looks so.. nice! Something I haven't seemed to experiance for the past 6 months! Haha! The Midwest has such bipolar weather it seems!

    {Jazzie //}


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