Sunday, February 13, 2011

A few random pics from today...

For those of you invited to my private blog, I'll be putting more pix there.. I don't really do that many on here just cuz it's public and all. :)
Me being me..
Girls group pic.. A little fyi for ya.. It's extremely difficult to get that many girls all looking at the same time!! It was crazy! And it didn't help the matter that we had like 27 different cameras aimed at us.. haha
Some of the guys... They were supposed to be 'thinking' or something.. idk.


  1. Shocker!!! You actually got a picture with almost all the girls looking!! Lol
    We should start going to all three services more often. Think of all the fun we would have missed out on if we had only gone to one!

  2. Yeah, but it's only fun if we're there.. if we're not we're not missin anything! lol

  3. The thing that amazed me about the picture is that someone managed to get pretty much all the girls out of the church and together at the same time. Great pictures!!!


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