Thursday, February 10, 2011


So I just finished this movie. I didn't really even want to watch it, but my family was so I went ahead and watched it too... And wow, surprisingly.. I loved it! I've never liked racing movies much before, but this one was a rare exception. In the trailers for it they make it look all dark and depressing and, well, drama like. But it wasn't at all... It had a great story line, it was a true story, which was a plus, all the actors in it were amazing... and the horse?? He was so cute!!!! Or whatever word you wanna use to describe a horse... This guy below sorta made the movie.. Mainly because of his crazy outfits... all of his hats matched his coat and tie.. Something my brother thought was the coolest thing!! (don't ask..) And the main lady in the movie was equally awesome. She did an incredible job!!
And then there was Seth. I really do love that kid..
He totally added to the movie as the quiet, determined, and totally cute, assistant (or whatever he was!)
And, last but not least, the little jockey.. He was funny just because he reminded us all of a friend of ours.. lol
So, in conclusion.. If you haven't seen this yet, you should. :) It was great.


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