Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spontaneous, random, spur of the moment.. call it what you will.

So I was jogging earlier.. and I suddenly felt like taking pictures. Not unusual for me to have a spontaneous random thought like that, but yeah.. so I went and took some pictures!! And um, yep, dragged my sisters into it. Not that they minded! :) I don't really consider myself a photographer, but it's definitely something I enjoy and hope to get better at. Oh, and fyi.. picnic and I are pretty much bffs..
I guess my bro was feeling left out.. He walked into my room, picked up the flower, threw it on the floor and posed. This is the result! I think it actually turned out pretty good... :)

Rudy took the ones of me..:)


  1. Completely 100% adorable:) Love the ones of you all on the road!

  2. I gotta feeling that you just found a new hobby...B) Nice pics btw

  3. VERY Nice pictures!!!:)

  4. Great pictures! I love all of them! The one of Sam is way to funny and very Sam like. : )


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