Wednesday, September 19, 2012

bro moments-

Btw, fries, sweet tea, and Macgyver with my favorite blonde bro makes for the perfect night. Plus, he helped me clean my room, then put a bow in my hair and made weird faces with me. 
We were trying to be attractive. 
Haha, or not. 
And yeah, these are definitely iPhone pics, Char. :p

Okay so I was doing school w/ him today, and I'm explaining to him what to do when he goes 'no Hans, I think you do it this way'. Of course I told him no, we do it the way I was telling him... but uh, get to the end of the page and realize that my little brother totally just owned me. I mean, really guys, it's 1st grade! Guess I was more than slightly out of it. Thank God for pencils & erasers. But he was cute and just started laughing and saying 'yeah i didn't think that sounded right.' I love him. :)


  1. Aww...I'll just quote myself AGAIN: he's SO adorable! Can't imagine life without the little siblings!

    Much Love...

  2. Right? They definitely keep you laughing. :)


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