Friday, September 14, 2012

the one with coffee. and words-

I have totally felt like that some Fridays... (awkward much? eeek.) but today... is just... Friday. (that's a pretty complex thought right there. think about it) 
And super cool thing, I don't have to be anywhere... which is so unusual for me anymore. 
I'm loving it. :) 

It's a gorgeous day...  

... and I'm spending it doing school... but it's all good. Starbucks makes everything better. 
 Just ftr, their cinnamon dolce latte is amazing. 
Totally makes it feel like Winter. Not even kidding. 
The lady here who talked me into it is my new bestie. haha. 

If I worked here... I would be on a constant caffeine high. and I'd eat like all of that. nooot cool. lol 
2nd biggest reason that will never happen.
I rest my case. 
end of story. 

Ohhh, and btw... ^^ absolute truth. ;) 

Haha, random afternoon thoughts...... yaaay!
Happy Friday, you guys. 


  1. Every Friday I sing that Rebecca Black song...

  2. Woohoo, I live for Fridays!
    But it's cool, 'coz here in Tasmania, we're on school holidays!! IT's so much fun!

  3. @Linda Joy, haaa I almost titled this 'gotta get down on Friday'... but then I totally remembered I really don't like that song. >.< lol

    @Jemimah, aww nice! Definitely sounds like my kinda thing. haha, enjoy it. :)


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