Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the week has barely begun...

... and we're already off to a great start.

Okay, so my entire family has been gone for two days... leaving myself & the two most annoying  beautiful sisters ever to ourselves. Sooo yeah, we've had fun. Nothing super crazy... took pictures, made some crazy videos (sorry, so not posting them here... we'll make you guys one someday though, wait for it), watched all sorts of Jane Austen flicks, eaten a ridiculous amount of cookie dough (well, don't wanna' mention any names, but mainly Sarrah), done our hair (cuz that's what girls do), had some really awkward moments, and yep, sang as loud as we wanted. which is like really, really loud. I kid you not, that's what's down. you're totally missing out.  FTR, most illegal thing yet is driving down my road w/o a seat belt. risky much? >.< haha. oh, and on top of all this awesomeness... somehow we've managed to do school too.  we are that good:)

Alright, so these next pics... my sister is totally embarrassed that I'm posting them, but really guys, they're too funny not to. Okay, so it's funny to me because we totally didn't know our little sis got pictures of it. lol If you could have been there... kind of an epic sister fight.
I slapped her on the arm (I know, shocking that we do stuff like that), and she freaks out and goes, 'Oouuch, you scratched me! That hurt, Hannah!' and I'm all, 'no... I didn't.'

Then I'm like, 'Sarrah, just get over it & smile, I barley touched you. You're being ridiculous.' While she's doing this super attractive face at me ^^ 

And then we were cool again... just like that. What can I say? We have a weird relationship. She loves me.

This is her lost look... see, it runs in the family. 


  1. Hey Hannah!
    Tell Sarah I love those awkward pictures of her. They were hilarious! ;)

  2. This is UB, these pics look great. My little nieces are growing up into some very beautiful, young women. We miss ya and hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hope to see everyone very soon. AA was teaching a cool bracelet today, and now we are doing a little shopping in the mall. Be blessed and know that we love ya very much!

    1. UB! You're like never on here. :) But aww, thank you. Miss you guys too... come over soon? Love you back!


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