Tuesday, September 18, 2012

random weekend pics-

Don't you love how I do this? No pictures for like ever... and then a hundred at once. Haha, cool stuff.

Sooo I was with my bro & his friend... and we were at this park for like 3 hours by ourselves (super boring, in case you were wondering). But the rest of my family was running late and didn't get there until... well, after the 3 hours. So yeah, we ran around and took lots of pictures. Anyways, there's no order to any of these... just, yeah. 

My otters:) 

their shoes matched their shirts... cute right? 

Yeah, umm... we are definitely weird.

 (yep, totally was not about to do anything remotely cool. it began & ended with a picnic table. impressed?) 

#fail. :p 

Love this little boy sooo much!

Cheesiest grin EVER... but this was kind of an accomplishment. He had a fever & felt awful.


  1. Love these...:) I'll say it again "iPhone pictures just don't compare to a real camera!"

    Missed spending time with y'all, but...next time! Happy Wednesday! :)

    1. Especially Adele... but hey now, no hating on my phone! "Expectation is the root of all heartache..." :p Compare, no, but for a phone they do a pretty awesome job. lol And for sure. Thanks & same to you!

  2. Yes, especially Adele! The quote: so true! And for a phone...yes they are great! Just don't compare to bright outside ones especially...

  3. Now really wish I'd been there!!!!!!!!!! cause it looks like you had major FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. I wish so too! Text me next time BEFORE I leave. ;)


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